Forum and Server Rules

~This is our Server forum ~

Please register to be able to post, or request to join a group. As a Guest you will have read only access. Once registered you will be set as a Registered user.

You can get the ingame Member rank free in our store, and then request to join Member group on the Forum. Go to our store or ingame type /donate

If you would like to join a group other than Member, then please donate. If you have donated, please send a request on the forum, to join the group Rank that you have on the Server.

About our Server:

In our network have Roleplay, Skywars, Survival, Creative, and are making a Minigame Server. Your currency is network wide, and gains interest (so you get more the longer you are ingame). You get rewards for voting, and for doing parkour, in the server hub, and on skywars.

Discuss all things server related, see whats news there is, report abuse, make suggestions, make requests, apply for staff and of course have general topics.


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Forum and Server Rules

Post by Pixilchic » Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:34 pm

These Rules apply to the Forum and the Server

If you use the forum, or play on the server, you are doing so under the agreement that you will abide by these rules:

1. No Griefing

(including breaking of roads etc in the Roleplay world, you can change your house though)
Users can go to war with each other in the Towny worlds, using the Towny war system. This is not
counted as griefing if you have both declared war with each other.

2. No Swearing

3. No Rasicm / Hate Speech / Sexism

4. No Advertising Other Servers

5. No Asking for Op or Staff or Items or Gmc

6. No Bullying, we have no tolerance for Bullying behavior

7. No Banned Items / Hacked Clients / Hacking

8. No Trolling / No Flaming

9. No Spamming / No Caps (Except by Staff to warn a player)

10. Respect Staff and Other players, and Obey Staff

11. No builds near spawns or digging holes near spawns.

12. No 1x1 Towers/ 1x50 Towers / No penis builds

13. No arguing in public chat (use private msg's to resolve conflict)

14. No Spam Spawning Items

15 No Creative gamemodes in the Survival world (this goes to staff members)