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About our Server:

In our network have Roleplay, Skywars, Survival, Creative, and are making a Minigame Server. Your currency is network wide, and gains interest (so you get more the longer you are ingame). You get rewards for voting, and for doing parkour, in the server hub, and on skywars.

Discuss all things server related, see whats news there is, report abuse, make suggestions, make requests, apply for staff and of course have general topics.


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Post by Pixilchic » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:59 pm

We have been making some changes to our servers:

1. Added Quests
2. Reset Town world in Roleplay Server
3. New Spawn area in Roleplay Server (Town World)
3. New World in Rolepaly Server to explore: The Island

More to come:

We are working on new donation ranks, which will benefit everyone, in other words, when someone donates, everyone gets the benefits! We are also making Roleplay focused ranks.
We will be adding some new quests! And we will also be working on some more minigames!

Please feel free to make any suggestions in the Suggestions section.

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